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Public Liability Insurance

There are now many areas where your business can get exposed to risks. Public Liability Insurance helps protect you against these types of claims, for example your Public Liability policy can cover you for the following:

  1. Injury to any person
  2. Loss of or damage to property
  3. Obstruction, nuisance, trespass or interference with, rights of way, of air, light, water or others.
  4. Wrongful detention, imprisonment, eviction, arrest, or invasion of the right to privacy.

The standard policies usually extend to cover UK , Northern Ireland , the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man , although we can place cover 'Worldwide' including USA and Canada with UK jurisdiction and in some cases we can place public liability risks with worldwide cover outside the jurisdiction of the UK .

A public liability policy can extended also to cover such events as:

  1. Health & Safety at work - legal defence costs
  2. Motor contingent liability
  3. Movement of obstructing vehicles
  4. Leased, hired or rented premises
  5. Cross liability
  6. Car park and Cloakroom liability - i.e. where a car or personal belonging of a person are held in trust by you or in your custody or control
  7. Data Protection Act - liabilities arising under the Data Protection Act to pay compensation for damages or distress
  8. Consumer Protection Act - legal costs & expenses
  9. Bona-fide - sub-contractors
  10. Defective Premises Act
  11. Product Liabilities

So a Public Liability policy clearly help you or your business protect against a vast number of possible exposures.