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Employers Liability Insurance

The importance of an Employers Liability policy is clearly a very important issue. If you either employ a person (even of a part-time or voluntary basis) or have a limited company by law you must have and display an employers liability certificate.

The penalties for not holding an employers liability certificate can be severe with fines up to £2,500 per day.

An employers liability policy will protect the company or employers against claims that maybe made by an employee of a business and given nowadays claims can range from mental anguish to industrial injury and many more exposures besides this cover

Employers Liability Insurance is essential to most businesses and employers for their protection and to provide the employer with legal defence costs and damage awards.

If you are a sole director running a limited company with no employees you do not have to purchase employers liability insurance.

What does the policy cover?

It will pay for the legal costs to defend an allegation made against a company and any damages  awards should they be found to be at fault.

Employers liability cover is usually issued by most insurance companies with a £10,000,000 limit, however the legal requirement is in fact set at £5000,000 for employers liability cover.

Nowadays  days with claims ranging for such things as industrial Injury, death and mental anguish it is a very important and necessary cover. The penalties for not holding employers liability are severe with fines upto £2500 per day for not having the appropriate cover.